Sunday, October 16, 2005

Swimming in the Stars

Last night, we got to experience the wonderful phenomenon of phosphorescent plankton in the ocean. For those of you who do not know what phosphorescence is, when swimming through it if appears in psychedelic bursts, making it look like constellations were coming off of your fingers. To people who do not know what is going on, one would think you are dreaming it is so magnificently surreal. What they actually are is microscopic plankton, that when disturbed give off a bright greenish glow. I went to sleep that night imagining what a whale must look like swimming through a glowing trail of plankton on a moonless night. For those of you who live by the ocean, check it out if you can as it only happens during certain times of the year, but is a once in a life-time magical experience.


Anonymous Lene said...

Hello Ben&Malcolm...

I finally found my way to your website.
Just wanted to say that it was a real delight to meet you guys and to be swimming in the dark... Surprised, laughing like little children.
Everything seemed so big that night. Or maybe it was just me feeling small.
The ocean, the darkness, the stars...

It's a pity to hear what happened afterwards. I already wondered why you left without saying goodbye...

I'll read the whole blog when I have the time (got exams right now)... I'm looking forward to it. It looks lovely.



6:01 PM  

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